About us

Hello | Namaste | Sat Sri Akal

Welcome to PYARII.com! I'm Cindy, the founder of Pyarii.

The idea behind Pyarii (by the way, it means Lovely in both the Hindi and Punjabi language) is to mesh the two beautiful cultures together. India is rich with beautiful elements, traditions and culture. So take that and pair it up with the modernized hipster fashion sense of the Western culture and Voila! - You have Pyarii.

It's a lovely thing when people can enjoy the beauty of another culture. I'm sharing a piece of mine with you.

The tees are well designed, high quality and made for anyone who has an interest in the Indian culture. 

Thank you for your support and I hope you follow my journey in making 'trendy' and 'modern' key phrases amongst Indian influenced American fashion.

With love,

Cindy xo

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