Why T-shirts Are Taking Over The World


Gone are the days where dressing up meant choosing certain clothes over others. I’ve thought to myself, how can I have a wardrobe that’s versatile and not feel like I’m breaking the bank. The answer is, with a T-shirt! Yes, a T-shirt is a genius way to put together a look whether you’re going for a relaxed comfortable style or glammed up without losing in sophistication!
Within the Indian fashion world, accessorizing with your suit, saree or lengha is a must. The beautiful thing about merging the Indian and Western fashion worlds is creating a style that’s unique. Who’s to say you have to stay within the lines of this invisible fashion box? Nothing helps tell the world a better story about who you are at first glance than your fashion style.
I find nothing is more versatile and fun to style than a T-shirt. Have a look at the gallery below for a few ideas on how to wear a tee no matter the occasion. What’s your favorite way to rock a tee? Post up your pics and tag #pyarii – I’d love to see!

Chand TeePyaar is LoveChai

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