Trendy Ways Tees Have Been Styled on the Streets

What’s the most comfy thing in your wardrobe besides your favorite sweats? The tees! They are casual, they are comfortable and can be styled in a bunch of different ways! Who doesn’t appreciate a good t-shirt, right? From celebs to fashion bloggers and other influencers, everyone loves wearing them on the streets. Pyarii is all about celebrating t-shirts and showing everyone just how versatile and fun they can be. This is why we decided to share some trendy ways tees have been styled on the streets.

Idea # 1

Aspyn Ovard, a lifestyle blogger and vlogger loves wearing tees and we are in love with the way she styled it here. A simple orange tee paired with a cute midi skirt; who would have thought that this combination would look so good? A pair of comfy sandals finishes off this look extremely well.

Idea # 2

Pairing this wrap jacket with a t-shirt is a hot trend going around these days and Lisa Olsson from does it extremely well. She went for a plain grey tee with a blush pink wrap jacket and finished off this really casual and laid back look with some white sneakers.

Idea # 3


When talking about styling tees, how can we forget to mention about wearing them the classic way? A cute tee with a pair of skinny jeans, a flannel tied around the waist your favorite pair of shoes; this look never gets old! Fashion blogger Monic from loves styling her tees this way.

Idea # 4


Whenever super model Gigi Hadid is spotted on the streets, she is usually wearing a tee. We loved her look when she was seen wearing a white t-shirt with a Zayn Malik court on it. She paired the tee with leather pants, nude heels and a plain black choker!

Idea # 5


Petite fashion blogger Kim Le from styled her striped tee with a super cute blush colored mini skirt with a scallop hemline. She looks absolutely adorable in this outfit and we are obsessed!

Idea # 6


Taylor Swift sure knows how to style a tee! She decided to pair a cropped one with denim overalls; such an easy outfit to put together, don’t you agree? She isn’t the only one wearing her tees like that; in fact a lot of fashion influencers are doing it too.

Which one of these is your favorite way to style a tee? We simply love them all!


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