Pyarii's Photoshoot in Vancouver, BC

Good morning!

Next stop is Vancouver to photograph our gorgeous Indian model, Samyta. Of course, I had to photograph my T-shirt line in my home town! If you've never been to Vancouver BC, I highly recommend you take the trip at least once in your lifetime. The mountain range, ocean views, restaurants, in addition with all the activities you can do is definitely worth the trip. They don't call it Beautiful British Columbia for nothing.

A big shoutout definitely goes out to Samyta for such a fantastic job considering it was chilly and started to drizzle. She was absolutely amazing.

Below are some shots of Sunny and Roop from The Powder Room Studio in Surrey BC prepping Samyta with Hair and Makeup. 



Behind the Scenes shot of Tony (Photographer and Dear Hubs) posing Samyta as I'm adjusting Samyta's blazer.

I could never leave home without T-shirts because the versalitility factor of being able to dress one up or down is just genius. What's your favorite look? And what's your favorite go-to way of wearing a T-shirt? Comment below, I'd love to know!

I love Chai tee with a black velvet blazer and red wine skirt paired with black heels.

 Pyaar is Love tee with a red plaid shirt and jeans paired with black heels.


I Love You To The Chand And Back tee with cropped pants and heels

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