Behind-the-Scenes of Pyarii's Boston Photoshoot

If you haven't been to Boston, you really need to take a trip out here. Boston is absolutely stunning with some of the most gorgeous historical buildings. I knew I just had to take advantage of the Boston charm so our first photoshoot took place at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel. 

Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel


The team started to arrive at 12:30pm and we were promptly brought to our hotel room. The hair and makeup team were all set up and ready to work their magic on the models, Sherry and Leanne. Karen, the Wardrobe Stylist, got all the outfits steamed and prepped for the models and she ensured the day went smooth, according to the schedule. Thanks Karen!  

By the way, we used gorgeous hair extensions from Heavenly Lox to give our models a fuller and longer hair length. If you're debating which brand to go with, I highly recommend you check them out. Their hair quality is beyond any other I've seen and the prices are super competitive.

Left to Right: Hairstylist - Alexandra Wilson; Model: Sherry Spinale; Makeup Artist: Christina Kaian; Makeup Artist: Stephanie Gomes

Makeup Artist Christina Kaian getting Model, Leanne Santorsola glammed for one of looks.

Hairstylist Alexandra Wilson creates a beautiful bodiful hairstyle as Makeup Artist Stephanie Gomes applies our Model, Sherry's makeup.

Hairstylist Alexandra Wilson adds Heavenly Lox hair extensions to create a long and voluminous hairstyle for our Model Leanne.

Project Manager Karen Robles steams the wardrobe pieces with Project Assistant Marisela Garcia's help.

Makeup Artist Christina Kaian during Makeup application for the second look on Model Leanne.


Makeup Artist Stephanie Gomes during Makeup application for the Model Sherry's first look.

As the models were getting prepped, the media crew which by the way, is the absolute best dream team- ever. The Photographers Tony DeJesus ( and Robert Hare ( and Adriel Bencosme scoured the location to see what spots would best photograph for the T-shirts. People don't realize the crazy things Photographers will do to find the best location to photograph. Yep, in an effort to find some awesome spots, all 3 of them got stuck in an elevator ha ha but they were able to get out... eventually. ;)

Photographer Robert Hare passing Videographer Adriel Bencosme some gear which he used to shoot our stunning commercial videos!  

Photographer Antonio DeJesus getting his gear prepared for the shoot.

This shoot will forever have a special place in my heart for a couple reasons. It was the first shoot to capture my first line of tees, of course. The models braved the chilly temperature shooting in T-shirts - thank you so much Sherry and Leanne! Also, my 9 month old daughter tagged along for the shoot as well. A special thanks to my assistant, Marisela for watching her when I had to run around. 

Marisela with my sweetie pie Melody all bundled up!

 Mommy and Daughter selfie. I couldn't resist! :-)

 A special thanks to the team:

Model: Sherry Spinale - Maggie Inc.

Model: Leanne Santorsola - NE Patriots Cheerleader/Model

Photographer - Antonio Dejesus - 

Photographer - Robert Hare -

Videographer - Adriel Bencosme - Alpha Creatives

Makeup Artist - Christina Kaian - 

Makeup Artist - Stephanie Gomes - 

Hairstylist - Alexandra Wilson -

Project Manager/Wardrobe Stylist - Karen Robles

Hair Extensions - Heavenly Lox -

Project Assistant - Marisela Garcia

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