Hello | Namaste | Sat Sri Akal

Happy New Year! Hope you are having a fantastic start to 2017. 

There are many new and exciting things to come this year I’m sure. Pyarii is one of them. Yep, had to sneak that in there!

What is Pyarii? Pyarii means ‘lovely’ in both Punjabi and Hindi. The reason why I chose to name the company Pyarii is because our tees are specifically designed for the ladies keeping their lovely shape in mind. It actually took 3 months of finalizing the right T-shirt style to ensure comfort even on those not so nice days. I wanted to create a tee that every woman could feel comfortable wearing even if she’s having a bloated day. Ugh, hate those days! The neck line isn’t your traditional T-shirt neckline but it has a smooth crew drop for a dressier and edgier look inspired by Indian fashion which allows you to accessorize easily with. You can rock our tees casually with a pair of jeans or glam up with a skirt and some heels. Versatility is key as it makes life easy and LOVELY! What's your favorite way to rock a tee?

Pyarii’s inspiration comes from all facets of Indian elements including cultural traditions, food and fashion then merging it with a Western hipster vibe for a tee anyone can rock. Our line is not only created for Indians but for everyone!

I’m so excited to share with you what’s to come.




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