Which Size is Right for Me?

“Will this even fit me?” 

   “That looks good on the model, but what if it’s two sizes too small?”

          “What if it’s too big?”

                “Do I take the chances of buying online?”

 These are some of the questions that go through the heads of many online shoppers, myself included. It can be tricky to purchase clothing without trying it on. 

 When I dove into the possibilities of selling clothing specifically T-shirts, I learned a lot about how the number of online clothing stores for men way outnumber the ones for women. Simply because, women come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes and we can be trickier to fit that one size fits all bill. 

 This is why it literally took me 3 months to find the *perfect* T-shirt cut. I wanted something that was relaxed fit and edgy with a super soft feel. Lord knows I have my bloated days and want nothing more in this world than to wear something loose that still makes me feel beautiful and confident and not have to depend on the good ol' suckin' it in method :P

 Pyarii tees from the love collection are designed with tunic inspiration so they have a curvy silhouette and tunic dress sleeves. It makes for the perfect tee to dress with jeans, skirts, leggings, you name it. 

 Check out this sizing chart link on the website that breaks down sizing even further.

 Til next time, stay lovely!

 Cindy xoxo

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