Lipstick Heels & Henna is Here!

Welcome to the new shirt design!  Lipstick Heels & Henna shirts are here and what a great addition to the collection!  I wanted a shirt to highlight the things we all hold dear to our Desi little dils (hearts).

  • 1: Make sure we have touch up Lipstick in our clutch.  
  • 2: Our Heels are scandalous (no one said anything about comfortable).  
  • 3: And if you want to showoff something fresh and trendy, your henna has got to be hot! 

Henna is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays, birthdays and weddings in Indian culture and we share it with Africa, Pakistan, and the Middle East.  But Western culture, from back in the 90’s, has looked upon this awesome temporary body
 stain art form as a way to accessorize their wardrobe.  Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce to currently Ariana Grande!  Henna is so awesome that you couldn’t help but rock the style a little! :)

Today, you can walk on any diverse and trendy downtown street in the city and get a quick henna art piece to add to your look for the night for 10-20 dollars.  I didn’t say it was going to look breathtaking for 10-20 dollars, but you’ll be rocking a henna piece nonetheless.  BTW, check the amazing henna design done on our model by the most talented Henna Artist Monita on Instagram @hennaforallny

Henna Art on Right Hand

Henna Art on Left Hand

Listen, as Indians spread worldwide, the culture will follow and that culture will bleed into the community.  Trust me, it has left a lasting mark for sure.  My culture is robust, filled with style, and bursting with color.    

It’s time to be unapologetically Indian, but unashamedly me.  Whether “me” is from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, India, Pakistan, Netherlands, Ireland etc., because where we live is also a part of who we are.

I truly hope you love this new shirt as much as I do.  

Cindy xoxo

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